1- Protection Of Personal Information

All your personal information is secured in our records and protected systems. We, or any team member on our behalf never ask clients for the personal details other than name, email address, major or a degree, phone number. (It’s the client’s choice to provide the phone number or not).

2- Confidentiality

All your documents submitted to us remain under great care, they are dealt with confidentiality and vigilance. There are robust guidelines which are mandatory to be followed by all the employees of the company.

3- Retention Period Of Documents

Your original document and the edited version remain saved in our records for adequate amount of time. They’re deleted from our records after certain amount of time have passed.

4- Cookies

Through the usage of cookies on our website, we monitor the visitor’s behaviour that helps us to display remarketing ads. With allowing cookies on our website, we display relevant advertisements to our website visitors. In addition to that, cookies data is stored on our secured systems while others are unable to access the particular information. You can also choose to change cookies settings from your operated browser.

5- Terms Of Use

After getting your document edited or checked by us, you are obliged to agree to our terms of use.