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I have a novel, manuscript, play, or ebook. I need a critique of my work, editing, copy editing, proofreading, or a query package


Creative writing genres are wide-ranging and diverse understanding the requisites and standards of each writing form, our team of editors is equally diverse and proficient in their craft. No matter if you have written an alternate-universe tale, an autobiography, an epic romance novel, upbeat rhythmic poetry or something in other niche, we are categorically aware of the genre and we’d do an excellent job for you.

Get Professional Editing For Your Draft

We’ll make sure your draft or Manuscript Proofreading contains the needed flow, creative control and unflawed storytelling. Having your Manuscript Proofreading professionally examined by us will eradicate flaws, language errors and existing plot holes. Being equipped with the knowledge of word- play, proper language usage, storytelling and the trends of the modern fiction, our services and honest opinions upgrade your work to the highest levels. Our proofreading strategies differ depending upon the type of work you’re submitting; this also depicts that the proofreading task is assigned to a specific editor who fits the job. Over the years, we have helped many authors have their work published and gain acknowledgement on different platforms. Want to know about our proofreading services rates? Drop your query and we’ll get back to you shortly.